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Last night on Hardball with Chris Matthews, one of the guests was Teamsters president James Hoffa who said this about Kerry’s flip-flop on NAFTA:
“When we interviewed (Kerry), I said to him, ‘You voted for NAFTA and you voted for fast track and you voted for China,’ and I think that he’s changed. He’s been out talking to people, talking to families crying in his arms, people that are hurting out there. They’re losing their jobs; they can’t feed their families, and I’m telling you this man has changed.”
Mr. Hoffa, you know that’s BS. You know he hasn’t changed. Why does he have to change? This guy is a liberal Democrat. You have just signed onto a guy who you know full well will vote any way he has to in order to be on what he thinks is the winning or correct side. He’s a liberal Democrat. He’s a human being. Why would he need to see crying families in his arms in order to realize his vote was a mistake? I thought these people instinctively felt the pain of other Democrats and union members. How come only this campaign has made him change? And that’s the question.
Did the campaign make him change? I wonder why? Is it because he can’t win as a pure, unadulterated liberal? This is just one small example, ladies and gentlemen, of a huge weaseling. This is going to be happening with every vote Kerry’s ever cast.

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