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This sort of dovetails with what we’ve been discussing today. On the day “The Passion of the Christ” comes out, Britney Spears renews her vows with Christianity. I’m not suggesting it isn’t genuine. I’m suggesting that it is, and therefore she’s going to get tarred and feathered for it. I have no grief for Britney Spears here, ladies and gentlemen. I found it interesting that of all days for this story to appear, it appeared today.
The mainstream press is completely out of touch with mainstream America on the larger issue, here. That’s why they don’t understand “The Passion of the Christ.” They can’t figure out why so many people want to see it, so they’ve come up with the clich?: “They’re just a bunch of hayseed hick fundamentalists.” They don’t care to understand what’s really going on across the fruited plain because to them the country is inside the Beltway, a little bit of New York, Boston and Hollywood.

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