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RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I am a 21-year-old college student. I go to Northern Illinois University, and I’m taking a class in sociology called marriage, family, and social change. And the class I’m in, the professor is widely biased, liberal feminazi. The first day of class she wrote up on the board, “there is no single definition of marriage,” and underlined it.

RUSH: Wait, when was this first day of class?

CALLER: This first day was class was around August 27th. I’m sorry, January 15th.

RUSH: January – okay, so just within the past okay, a month ago, a little over a month ago?

CALLER: Yeah, exactly.

RUSH: “There is no single definition of marriage,” a feminazi professor wrote this and underlined it on the blackboard.

CALLER: Yeah, exactly. She’s been teaching this, I took the class, it was supposed to be on marriage and everything she says has her liberal slant on it and since that day she’s gone on to promote gay marriage and actually break down your conservative marriage between a man and a woman. I mean she constantly talks about the domestic abuse and bashing men and all this for just her conservative normal definition of marriage while trying to promote gay marriage.

RUSH: Is this feminazi married?

CALLER: No. Of course not.

RUSH: Of course not, yeah.

CALLER: She made a point of saying on the first day, don’t call me Mrs., I’ll never be a Mrs. my whole life.

RUSH: Oh, so we’ve got an angry babe.

CALLER: Oh, yeah.

RUSH: This woman has some serious trauma in her past, there?s no question, that she has not yet dealt with.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And she is taking her trauma out on you.

CALLER: Right, exactly. And she’s gone on to make personal attacks against President Bush and John Ashcroft and it’s just all of it wrapped up in one. And I’m not getting an education, I’m getting this woman’s politics, mixed in with the facts. And you have 39 other kids in the class, I’m the lone conservative, you have 39 other kids that have been brainwashed by liberal educators like her, and I’m sitting in this class trying to win an argument in a discussion where the moderator of the discussion is biased, and I was wondering – I need your help here.

RUSH: Wait a minute, how can there be, wait a second. Well, I was going to say how can there be a discussion, why do you need a moderator if you’re the only guy in there that disagrees with anybody else?

CALLER: Right. Exactly. It’s not even a discussion at that point. This is ridiculous.

RUSH: It’s propaganda.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: It’s indoctrination.

CALLER: There’s no use, there’s no use, that’s what I said today. I said there’s no use in this. I told her, I said, “You know, everything you say contradicts what you’re presenting as fact contradicts everything that I believe as fact, so how can I argue with that when you as a professor, you’re supposed to be teaching me, so it’s impossible.” What professors say is laid down as law and I think it’s incredibly careless of her.

RUSH: Let me tell you, what you are illustrating is a much larger reality.

CALLER: Right, exactly.

RUSH: The much larger reality is that you can take – and a saw this written somewhere the other day, and I can’t remember who wrote it and I’m going to have to paraphrase it. It was at Techcentralstation.com, a website. You can look at any major university’s syllabus, you can look at its curriculum, you can look at its mission statement, and after you read it the way to translate it is we are here to mold, promote, and indoctrinate liberalism.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And that’s how all universities are today.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: That’s all they are about today. The vast, vast, majority of them, and your little example of this feminazi instructor who has got all this trauma in her past and taking it out on you. What she’s doing is burdening you with her shame. She’s got some shame because the trauma that’s happened to her in her life, and she’s dumping it on you, and it’s not yours.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Whatever happened to her in her life is not your shame or anybody else’s in that class, and it ought not be subject matter for discussion disguised as a curriculum, but that’s exactly what it is. I will guarantee you that’s what it is. When this woman first announces I will never be a Mrs., don’t call me a Mrs. and then starts talking about what predators men are in traditional marriages I can guarantee you what this woman’s past is.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Now, if you really want to score points, next class, tell her that I said this.


RUSH: No. No, I was kidding. You’ll be thrown out of this class if you say I said this. But you can confront her on that, you can say you sound like somebody that’s had some trauma in your life and I don’t think that your shame is something that I should have to bear.

CALLER: Well, she passes it off like she’s trying to enlighten us.

RUSH: Of course.

CALLER: Some awesome truth.

RUSH: Well, you’re dealing with an arrogant elitist as well and that attitude is designed to cover up for the shame she feels over whatever this trauma is. I’ll guarantee you, she probably has a pet German shepherd that’s her best friend.

CALLER: Right. So what should I say?

RUSH: Well, what is your major at this university?

CALLER: I’m an English major, actually.

RUSH: All right. Is this an elective course? Or mandatory, you had to take this?

CALLER: This is an elective course and I took it because I’m interested in the subject matter, on top of that, that’s the whole problem, this woman has a Ph.D. She’s read a lot more, she’s 45 years old so she has a lot of experience. It’s difficult.

RUSH: No, no, no, wait a second. She may have had more experience because she’s older, but she is assuming that her experience represents behavioral patterns in this country. She has no right to do that. That’s what I’m telling you; whatever is happening to her, she’s making the curriculum here.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And look it, you know, I don’t know, in situations like this, I always, you know, stood up for what I believed and I got in trouble.

CALLER: Right, exactly, same here.

RUSH: It never garnered me respect because I was viewed as a threat. I’ve done this in work. One place I worked I was dealing with a pure pathological liar. And I just couldn’t deal with it. I just couldn’t let it roll off my back and look the other way, because I felt like my intelligence was being insulted so I told this guy try this on somebody else. I am not going to put up with this. I know what you’re telling me about where you’ve worked and what you’ve done and who you are is BS.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And I don’t want you lording over me what better things you know and what more you know because it’s all a bunch of crap and that was after my morning show and I went home and I got a call from the owner saying we think you need to be let go and it was one of the times I got fired. Ask her this. Ask her why, if she is such a renowned academic and has all this profound experience, ask her why she is so intolerant of traditional marriage and why she is so intolerant of other points of view, points of view like yours. Ask her – she’s a teacher. You’re supposed to be exposing and discussing ideas, learning things, university, this is what they always say, they come out with their big pap here about how university is about the open exchange of ideas. Well, it’s not in your classroom it doesn’t sound like.

CALLER: Right. Well, she tries to say it is. “Everyone has an opinion,” she says that at the end of the class, but just today, she’s like okay, well, “what would Rush say to that?” Because I told her I listen to your show, and that just set her off. She’s like, “Ooooh, that’s where you’re coming from,” like that’s a horrible thing.

RUSH: Okay, even better, okay, then ask her, “Why are you so intolerant of what someone else might say? Why can’t you simply deal with what I’ve said rather than try to impugn people who believe it? Can you deal with the substance of my idea?” Challenge her on specifics. Why are you trying to make us believe that men in traditional marriages are predators?

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Where is the empirical – use that word on her, she’ll love you – where is the empirical data for this? That’s only accredited intellectuals talk about empirical data. Don’t even bother looking it up – just use it and she’ll love you.

CALLER: Okay. Yeah, I’m going to keep at it. The problem I have is that when you try and get into these discussions that go nowhere when it’s obviously just, I mean you can’t argue right and wrong.

RUSH: Wait a second. Wait a second. You’ve got to redefine “go nowhere” because whether or not she changes her mind is irrelevant.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: What’s happening is that you are developing the skill to tell somebody else what you think, you’re developing the courage to stand up for it, you’re not backing down, you’re not suppressing it, keeping it in. If you did that, you’d walk out of there regretting and being mad at yourself, why didn’t I speak up, why don’t I have the courage to – what is it – speak up. You know, whether you convince her or not is irrelevant. This place is about your education, not hers. She’s a lost cause.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: She’s like a beer drinker; she’s not going to change her brand at age 45. She’s not going to become a conservative and she she’s not going to understand your position at age 45. Whatever trauma she’s had, way too powerful, she hasn’t dealt with it. What’s at stake here is your mind.


RUSH: Your mind, you must be true to yourself. Go in there, I’m not saying put your grade at risk. You don’t have to be rude about any of this; you don’t have to insult her at all, but you will feel a lot better and you will get stronger and more confident if you stand up for what you believe in situations like this, and you will learn to deal with whether it’s the attempted rejection or humiliation or whether they laugh at you. Keep in mind something, and this is something you’re going to have, what are you, 21 did you say?


RUSH: All right, keep this in mind. The more you do this and the more you become accustomed to it, the more respect that you will get. You may never see it; you may never see the signs of it; you may never have somebody tell you they respect you, but they’ll have far more respect for you. They may even be, I don’t want to say the word intimidated, but they’re not going to think you’re a pushover and a softy if he stand up for it and they may tease you, but they’re not going to push you around or any of that sort of thing. If they do make fun of you it’s only because you’re making them nervous. When somebody makes fun of you they’re telling you more about who they are. Don’t let these people beat you down or change what you know intrinsically in your mind and heart to be true, because, remember, your objective is to come out of this school educated, not indoctrinated.

CALLER: Right. Is there a way, I guess what I need, then, more than anything, because I have been really, I mean I’ve been fighting this day in and day out at this class, what I need is some ammo for my arsenal. Basically, I need, you know, because you can tell your point of view but then she’ll come up with a lot of, you know, facts and book facts and stuff like that.

RUSH: What kind of facts does she have to back up the fact that you said earlier that men are predators in traditional, conservative, whatever those are, marriages?

CALLER: Right. Well, she’ll? I don’t know.

RUSH: Give me something you were unable to back up. Just give me one example of something you were unable to back up with this woman.

CALLER: Well, just everything spins in circles. I mean she’s better arguer than I am, I guess, you know, she always has.

RUSH: All right, look. The key to this?

CALLER: She’ll come up with examples and twisted analogies to things.

RUSH: There’s only one way, there’s only one way. Unfortunately I’ve got a time constraint problem and I still haven’t gotten any specifics from you, so here’s what you’re going to have to do.


RUSH: What you are doing is called educating yourself. You know what you believe. You now have to learn to tell people why you believe it.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: That means you’ve got to get to it yourself. You’ve got to dig deep down to yourself, why do you believe that she’s wrong.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: You’ve got to go to your own mind and ask yourself where have I come up with this, why do I think this woman is wrong, and in doing that, you will research, do whatever necessary to find the evidence to back up what you intrinsically know.


RUSH: This is what education is all about. There really isn’t any shortcut to this. Now, I know it helps, there are any number of places you can go, you can go to my website, there are any number of places you can go to read data, and expose yourself to data that will confirm what you believe and give you statistics or this kind of thing for arguments. But remember, it’s not just statistics and facts or statistics that win arguments, it’s oftentimes passion and the art of persuasion and, you know, almost a stubborn devotion to your passionate belief.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Dedicated desire to be accurate about what you think and believe. And so the more you dig within yourself to be able to understand where these beliefs come from, and where you found them, and how they were formed and how you’ve added to them, is what you have to do to be able to express them. A lot of people think things and a lot of people feel things and it is difficult to explain why. You’re at a perfect age to do this. Don’t think you shouldn’t know what somebody 50 years old knows who’s been doing this their whole lives, don’t put that kind of pressure on you. You know, this is a good experience for you when all is said and done, and it’s a great opportunity. This is the best kind of education there is, by the way, when you persuade yourself, convince yourself, affirm yourself with what you know. There’s nobody who can stop you after that. Nobody can talk you out of it, nobody can make you feel wrong or bad about what you believe. They’re going to be questioning themselves.

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