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Bill Tucker did this report. This is a political year, folks. It is a political year and it’s an election year, and CNN decided to take a different look at the so-called prosecution of me. They labeled this “bum rap” and wondered if it’s not a persecution, and here are two sound bites from two people that appeared, Howard Simon, who’s the director of the Florida ACLU, and Bruce Rogow from the NOVA Southeastern University who is a First Amendment specialist.

SIMON: I guess one thing that bothers me about this case is why – you know, and, frankly, it leads to some suspicion as to whether or not the prosecutor is just after a highly visible national personality to put as a trophy on his mantelpiece.

ROGOW: I think what you’re seeing is this enormous attention because it is Rush Limbaugh and then the prosecutor I think not using good judgment in how he’s handled some of these matters.

RUSH: Now, that’s in the middle of the piece. At the end of the piece Dobbs, of course, asks the reporter some questions, it’s the format of their piece. They’re discussing what they surmise about all this, which basically is that the prosecutor here, in an election year, is waiting until after the election to do something in my case. Dobbs says, “Well, I guess it could blow up, I mean the ACLU supporting Rush Limbaugh in this case, and basically saying it looks like a matter of partisan politics, is there any sign this is going to wind down any time soon and reach some conclusion?” And here’s the reporter, Bill Tucker.

TUCKER: No, if anything, it appears there’s some former prosecutors that I spoke with today, Lou, that suggested that maybe any delay would work in Krischer’s favor and he could probably favorably resolve this in Rush’s favor after the election happens but he’d like to delay it.

VOICE: Justice delayed, I guess, we could style that.
Okay, so here’s a reporter talking about to people I don’t know, other former prosecutors who say that what may be going on here is just delay this till after the election and then get rid of me, whatever advantage it gives the prosecutor to keep me in the news during the election year, and he is up for reelection this year. So, anyway, that’s just a brief part of the whole piece but I wanted to bring that to your attention because I did not remember to tell you even yesterday it was going to air last night. I, frankly, had forgotten it. So it’s at our website, www.RushLimbaugh.com.

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