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I rolled a portion of the Edwards “victory” speech in the audio link below, and said that his griping about children going to bed hungry will really resonate. Edwards talked about “two Americas,” twisting Ronald Reagan’s “shining city on a hill.” I mean, he doesn’t leave his $8 million Georgetown mansion to see all the fat kids at the mall, and doesn?t bother to read the daily news stories about the “obesity crisis” among kids – so voters probably don’t either.
One caller rang me and said she heard Edwards drawl that he could win the South thanks to his accent. I told her that he could compete. This led to more calls with more people disagreeing with me – until finally, some loyal Dittoheads caught a whiff that something was afoot. I just can’t put something over on this audience for a whole show anymore. I used to be able to, and I came close today, as you can hear in the audio links below.

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