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The study also noted something the mainstream press and Democrats overlooked: men work an average of 25% more than women – which amounts to 500 hours more a year. Judy Woodruff interviewed Congressman John Dingell (D-MI) about this trend. He attributed the differential to “discrimination of one sort or another” and women who are “compelled by reason of being the caregivers and the homemakers in addition to other things, to have to, very frankly, make some choices which require them to in fact make less than men do.”
You see, if a woman chooses to raise her children rather than go out into that cold business climate which we’re constantly told is evil and profit-driven, it has to be because some evil man is oppressing her. Yes, her husband “compelled” her to stay at home! Congressman Dingell was afraid to tell the truth on this lest he face the wrath of feminist constituency groups. Plus, if there’s no problem, he doesn?t get to start this commission he wants so he gets credit for doing something.
Judy Woodruff doesn’t like women choosing to stay at home, so she asks, “Is there something the federal government, that Congress can do about this?” Dingell answered, “There are many things. We need to gather information.” Ah, great, “collect information.” How about penalizing women who choose to stay home with a new tax, hmm? You already studied this, congressman, and you decided that you don’t like the choices women are making and it’s the government’s job to force them to make new choices which Judy Woodruff approves of. Is this nuts or what?

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