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You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. You WILL Overcome! You are a very strong person and God will enable you to win this battle. It is a long, hard battle but your faith will carry you through. Our God is able to do ALL things including carrying you through this. I love you and what you stand for.
I will keep you in prayer. You have given much to me (and this Country) in the years I have been listening to you. Thank you and get better soon. We need you.
My family and I have been listening to your inspirational program for years, and all of us are strong conservatives. I want to pass on the feelings of most, if not all, of the EIB listeners that you and your family have our prayers and wishes. We pray you have a quick recovery and we await your return to the Golden EIB Microphone. God Bless Rush
The Lowe Family
San Diego, CA
I’ll be here waiting for you.
God Speed.
Dear Rush,
Life is always an adventure. Stay positive and focused on your recovery. Face your fears, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and return ready to face the wondrous life God has waiting for you. You have the strength and God’s graces to carry you through these difficult times. Before you is a bushel of lemons. Make the tastiest lemonade and share it with the world. You have been our mainstay through the darkest times. Let us now be your beacon of hope. We’ll be here waiting your return. You can do it Rush!!!!!
Love and Prayers,
The May Family
Somedale, NJ
You and Marta will be in our prayers. God bless you.
Louise & Joseph
Mt. Vernon, NY
My prayers are with you and your family. I know you will beat this thing. Remember, you will be stronger than ever and a better man for it. We will miss you for awhile?you just get better and stronger and I can’t wait to here your live voice on air, so hurry up!!
Ham Lake, Minnesota

Hang in there. I pray for you to come back stronger than ever. I know you will.
Best wishes always!
Pomona, NY
Dear Rush,
I pity the Democrats. If they thought you were a thorn in their side when you were not at 100%…oh boy…I think we are going to see some massive bladder control problems when your back at (least) 100%.
Get well and see you later big guy.
I love you and are praying for you. I’m certain that you will overcome the addiction and the pain will subside. I wish the best for you and yours, and we’re looking forward to your on-air return soon.
Frisco, TX
Please get better quick Rush! We need you!!! It’s going to be a long 30 days for us Dittoheads…We’re behind you all the way, dude!!!
Mark & Angela
Thinking of you every day Rush. We’ll be here when you’re ready to come back.
Take care of yourself.
Keswick, VA
I am anxiously awaiting your return. Stick with it and I know you can beat it.
Savannah, GA
I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I will miss your program terribly but I will not quit on you just as I hope you will not quit on yourself. Get better and take all the time necessary to do so and do not worry about the hordes of Feminazis, Pinkies, PCs and Liberals in general, they will, unfortunately, still be here when you get back.
Get well soon. Your friend and admirer
Dear Rush:
My husband and I are praying for you and Marta during your ordeal. God Bless you and you both can do this with the love and support of your family, friends, and God’s grace.
Dear Rush,
I wanted to let you know how much you have meant to me the past 13 years. You have helped me to focus on issues outside myself during very difficult times in my life. Thank you so much for all you have done. At this time, please know that I am praying that God will hold you close to Him and grant you His peace and strength.
With all gratitude,
Millions in America are praying for you, and I am included in those millions. I have been a listener for 12 years. I never miss the show, even if I have to re-play it later in the evening. My day will not quite be complete while you are out. You will be missed. Good Luck and know that your have the support of millions of fans.
I support you.
I pray that you will beat this addiction & that God will give you strength to handle what comes before you. Put your trust in God. He is there for you.
God bless you
Louisville, KY

Dear Rush,
As an avid listener to your radio program, almost since it began, I wish to let you know that I admire you greatly and will be praying daily for you during this difficult time in your life. God bless you!
Kearney, NE
I have listened and watched you for the past 15 years and all I have to say is thank you. Your words of truth and the ability to express my views to the left have been worth more than I can tell you. It is because of you that there are finally more conservative views expressed in the media and therefore more people are moving to the moral point of view. I will miss you. You a real part of my family and I look forward to having you back on the air and healthy.
Loving regards,
I am sure you won’t have time to read this since you will be receiving lots of support from your many admirers. But I wanted to add my voice to the chorus and let you know in some small way that many people care about you and are pulling for your recovery. Thanks for everything you have done and I will be waiting to tune in when you get back.
I can count the heroes in my life on one hand… and wouldn’t need all my fingers to do so! You, Rush, are one of them. Your forthrightness, honesty, character and tireless, relentless pursuit of the truth are qualities that I respect and admire more than I can express. You have referred to the relationship you have with your audience as familial. How true that is! And that being the case, I want you to know that I have and will continue to pray daily for you, for Marta as she stands by you, and for all the EIB staff. Get well soon, good friend!
Clearfield, KY
You are in our thoughts and prayers. Please get well soon. We are waiting patiently for your return. God speed!
Love and prayers.
Cheryl, Michigan Dittohead
Rush, Hang tough! You can beat this thing. Looking forward to your return.
You are in my prayers every day. You WILL overcome this and be back teaching us again soon!! I’ll miss you, the “weapon of Mass Instruction”, every day!!!
Good luck and may God speed your recovery!!
I have been a loyal listener since 95. Prior to that time I was apolitical. I have learned so much from your insights and wisdom. I have been a nurse for 35 years. I want you to know your problem with addiction is very prevalent in the medical profession. I understand your feeling of ?powerlessness” but you will overcome this as you have succeeded at everything else in your life! You are brilliant and compassionate. May God bless you and guide you through this journey. We’ll all be waiting anxiously for your return.
Sincerely, Shirley
We are all behind you and wish you God’s speed to get well very soon and come back to do your show better than ever. I know that you can and will beat this illness just as you have conquered other problems in your life. We will miss you but we will be here waiting for your return.
Kathy, California Dittohead
Dear Rush,
You know what is important! God will give you all the strength you need to deal with anything! Prayers will be said for you and your family. You will be missed. You still have a place on my radio!
Dear Rush,
What you are doing in the coming month is so important; not just for you and your family, but for your extended family in this great country. Thanks for your big step of courage, and yes, we’ll be praying for your complete success. Stay focused on the goal, the goal of freedom from these drugs, and don’t worry about the future.
We love you, Rush!
Our prayers and thoughts are with you during this time. The Lord will give you the strength to overcome this challenge. I have listened to you over the past 12 years and I look forward to when you return. After all, the presidential election is coming in 2004 and I like having your thoughts and insights. It helps me to analyze and make the correct vote decisions.
Get well soon, we are behind you.
Tom & Debbie
Goshen, Virginia

Hey Rush,
I just wanted to let you know that I have been a listener of your show for at least 4 years now, and that you don?t have to worry because I will be here when you come back.
We are thankful you admitted your problem & are taking steps to correct it. Hang in there & remember we love you & are looking forward to your quick return
WM & Eunice

Rush, This E-mail is from THREE loyal listeners. We have heard the happenings with you and feel that you will come out of this situation a better, stronger man. We support you and cannot wait for you to be back behind the Golden EIB mic informing us of the Liberal Extremists.
Jack, Jane and Sean

Dear Rush,
I am praying for your rapid recovery each day as I pray for my family. I also pray that you will obtain great comfort by reading in your Bible each day. May God’s grace continue to be with you, Rush. We love you.
Sharon Van
Peoria, IL
My prayers and best wishes are with you and Marta as you go through the most trying time of your life. From now until you return to the EIB microphone, America will be holding its collective breath waiting for you to return. May you triumph over this personal challenge! Miss you and can’t wait to hear you via the Golden EIB mic soon!
Been a fervent listener since the late 80’s before you went to NY when I was in the Palmdale/Edwards AFB area, Charter subscriber, etc. Retired now & listen to most of the show everyday. Our son is currently in a 28-day alcohol rehab program, so I think I may understand what you’re up against. We (faithful fans) have confidence you will lick this problem permanently. Remember that our prayers are with you always.
Jan & Nancy
You are in may prayers everyday. Have a quick and complete recovery.
San Antonio, Texas
We are all praying for you to have the strength to overcome this addiction.
Sincerely, Dorothy and Jim
Great one?You were a force to be reckoned with before this happened, and you will be when you get back. Take care of yourself.

Rush, All the best from a long time listener, You were there in the early 90’s when I needed you and Ill be here when You are missed and loved and being prayed for every day. Thank you for the big job you do for your listeners and your country. This time is for you! God bless you.
Dear Rush,
You have been a wonderful influence in my life, and so many others.
You are a man who turns difficulties into success. I know you will take this on with the vigor and strength it deserves. I will be thinking of you, and missing your voice through this next month. But most importantly, I will pray for you.
Dearest Rush,
We have you in our prayers! You have shown, once again, what a truly incredible person you are by admitting you have a problem and by choosing to solve the problem no matter what it takes. We love you very much! Can’t wait till you’re back.
The Turners
Colorado Springs, CO
Dear Rush,
Love and support to you during difficult times and always. We are here for you always, just as you have always been there for so many of us. Our prayers are with you. Take good care of yourself and come back soon. We miss you.
Best always,
Kathy and Ron
Dear Rush
It is Tuesday Oct 14 and I am at work outside the US until January. Months away from home have been common for me over the past few years and from time to time I have felt very isolated. Imagine the joy I felt when Rush 24/7 became available. I have been an avid listener for 10 years or so, but an avid long distance Rush 24/7 listener since the first day the service came along.
Rush, thank you for keeping me company for hundreds of hours when I have been far from home. I suppose I am like thousands of your fans that are quietly waiting for your return, now that you need our support.
Rush, I do not choose friends whimsically or lightly. And I can tell you that without exception, all of us are looking forward to your return in 30 days, or 30 months, or whenever. Take all the time that you need to take care of you first. The best our country has to offer are on your side!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
You are in our thoughts and prayers as is Marta! Anxiously waiting for your return to the airwaves.
Dear Rush,
I just wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers. My husband and I were just about devastated when we realized we won’t be hearing your voice for a month. But we know that you will be back bigger and better than ever, if that is possible. Keep your chin up! If anybody can get through this it’s you!
No denials? No parsing of words? As always – you’ve shown yourself true to your words. Personal responsibility is not pass?. Once again, you lead, we learn . May your recovery be speedy – we need you back quick! There are no rehabs for three hour a day “Dittoheads.”
McLean, VA
Mr. Limbaugh,
I just wanted to thank you for being so open and honest about your troubles. I doubt I would have had the guts to stand up and accept responsibility for my actions. Certainly most “celebrities” would not.
Whether or not you are a role model, Friday you set a good example to those of us who listen to you, and to our children, who realize how much of a stand-up guy you are.
I will pray for you, and I am confident you will beat back these demons you are fighting.
Long time listener but have not received your newsletter for years. Decided to show my support by signing up for the Rush 24/7 for 2 years. My thoughts are with you and Marta.
We all fall on our nose once in a while. The difference is how do we pick ourselves up. The measure of a man is how many people are there to help you to your feet. Something tells me there will be a few people around you and are now helping you back up.
God Bless

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