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How can you write a book, if you don?t have an ending? How can he write this book with all the details if he doesn’t know who did it? Is it safe to assume he knows? Is it safe to assume Joseph Wilson knows who did the leaking? If he’s going to go out and write a book about this, he obviously knows the answer to the ending. And if he does, why does he know? Don’t say I’m leveling accusations, folks. I’m just throwing out things for you to think about.
But I still want to know, despite all this, who decided to send this unqualified guy to Niger. He wasn’t any kind of arms inspector, and he was a liberal. His opposition to Bush and the war was well known. I want to know who sent this guy to Niger. That’s what bothers me. How did this guy get the assignment? This guy is totally opposed to Bush, totally opposed to the war with Iraq, totally opposed to the whole Bush presidency. Who sent Joseph Wilson over to Niger? Who sent him to look into this yellow cake business? And then when he made his report, why did everybody believe this guy? There’s something that stinks about this. To me this is a mystery that the mainstream media shows absolutely no interest in pursuing.

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