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?I said 25-year-old raunchy quotes about women didn’t faze me. And besides, I admired his immigrant’s enthusiasm for the American dream and many of the women-friendly planks in his platform. Now that a Los Angeles Times investigative reporting team has tracked down more than a dozen women who say Arnold man-handled them – and pretty recently, too – I guess I should recant. But I can’t seem to find a good reason.
?Perhaps it is because Arnold won’t be my governor if the recall of Democrat Gray Davis succeeds in today’s vote. Perhaps it is because California is on another coast – and, in some ways, on another planet. But perhaps it is because the indignity well is bone dry in women like me. Bill Clinton saw to that. We learned during his administration to separate a man’s libido from his social agenda. Now, Californians will have to do that, too.?

This is exactly right! All during this Arnold scandal, where were the people saying, ?Hey, it’s just sex! It doesn’t have anything to do with the way he leads! It has nothing to do with his agenda!? All of the excuses that Clinton supporters made for Clinton are not being made for Arnold. Reimer?s point is that feminism died when the feminists, didn’t condemn Clinton.

Maureen Dowd has said the same thing in a recent column. From her Sunday New York Times piece, ?Feminism died in 1998 when Hillary allowed henchlings and Democrats to demonize Monica as an unbalanced stalker and it ended when Gloria Steinem defended Mr. Clinton against Kathy Willey and Paula Jones by saying that he had merely made clumsy passes and then accepted rejection. So there was no sexual harassment involved. As to his dallying with an emotionally immature 21-year-old, Ms. Steinem noted, ‘Welcome sexual behavior is about as relevant to sexual harassment as borrowing a car is to stealing one.’?
Do you people remember during the midst of the Clinton scandals, there was a liberal journalist, Nina Burleigh, who said she would give Clinton oral sex just to thank him for his stand on abortion? This is why the left, not just feminism but all of the left, have lost credibility. What they’ve chosen to say is no big deal and what they’ve chosen to sweep under the rug and what they’ve chosen to excuse has ruined them. When others commit the same sort of behavior, they run out to accuse them, because the accused are of a different political stripe, but their hypocrisy has been exposed now, even to the likes of Maureen Dowd.

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