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The school lunch program was going to grow at 6% instead of 14%. Nobody was going to starve. The whole thing was ridiculous. The government shutdown then came along and the Republicans have never gotten over it. They’ve never answered the charges that were said and leveled at them; Republican voters are still frustrated that Republicans have not defended themselves on that because when they don’t defend themselves, they’re not defending their voters, either. It wasn’t that the Republicans reduced spending or tried to that got them in trouble and now they’re going to never make that mistake again – that’s not at all what’s happening here.
The thing that’s been lost is – look, everybody will admit that as the country gets bigger, as the economy gets bigger, it’s only natural the government is going to grow. I mean, the government grows – at least if you define government growth by federal spending, it has to grow. The Clintons tried to say they reduced government by cutting the number of federal employees, which is all smoke and mirrors. The number of federal workers does not define the size of government for anybody who has any brains. So what has been lost here is, we admit the government’s got to grow; it has to. There’s no way around it. But the government is now being looked at as the solution when in fact the government is the problem.
You think education has improved the more government’s been involved in it? Take any budget item other than defense. You take any budget item and I challenge any of you to tell me where the government does it better than it’s done in the private sector. Government is the problem. But now government is being looked at as the solution by more and more people, and that is the thing that is frustrating and sad, because it’s not the case. I mean, let’s say that we take the education of our kids seriously. We all do. My friends, can we look at the amount of money that we spend, the amount of money that is demanded every year that we additionally spend and could we measure that against the results?
And could we take a look at the teachers unions out there and find out just exactly what the federal government does in relationship to the teachers unions? In other words, when we look at education, and the federal government’s role in it – just what is the federal government’s role? It seems to me the federal government’s role is more oriented toward protecting teachers and jobs rather than educating children. And I’m going to tell you this: as far as liberal Democrats are concerned, the more ignorant the American people are the better for them. The more economically ignorant, the better for them.
As I said last week, if this country were properly economically educated, every Democrat with every economic statement or pronouncement or policy advancement would be laughed off the stage – if this country were properly educated on economics. Just the simple basics of economics. But because that’s not happening. There are a number of people who don’t have the slightest clue. When liberals say anything about economics, and it’s not laughed at and it’s in fact worse when it’s taken seriously, that’s just one area. That’s just one indication. I’ve gone over this countless times on this program.
Your guiding light through times of trouble, confusion, murkiness, tumult, despair, and chaos, firmly ensconced here at the Limbaugh Institute behind the Golden EIB Microphone. I can’t remember this scenario, this illustration. It involves a question and setting up of circumstances and then asking, “Would you hire somebody from this government agency to fix something in your business?” And the answer is “NO.” Once this has been set up – and it’s a scenario that is constructed as an accurate portrayal of the functioning of some government agency. I don’t even want to get started. I’m going to get so frustrated that I will accidentally utter some profanities here that I will not be able to extricate myself from by simple apology.

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