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Folks, with George W. Bush, the press has gone well beyond the expected and quite common adversarial relationship. It is clear that this press corps is working very closely with their willing accomplices on the Democrat/liberal side of the aisle to try to bring the guy down. It’s not so much the questions, although the questions fit the bill; it’s the attitude with which they are asked and there’s a lot of frustration on the part of the press. It’s not written about, but a lot of frustration on the part of the media and the Democrats because they’ve shot their wad, and it isn’t working.
One example, from the president’s press conference, is the issue of gay marriage. The president gave an answer on gay marriage, and it has the gay community in a tizzy. The militant homosexual crowd out there, the highly politicized element of the homosexual population, is just in a tizzy over this answer.
You can hear the question and the answer in the audio link below. The president made the following reference in his answer, “I am mindful we are all sinners.” The homosexual community thinks that he was targeting them with that comment.

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