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Have any of you people been watching Hardboiled with Chris Matthews lately? Matthews is losing it over this uranium and Niger non-story. I say “non-story” since President Bush didn’t cite it in his state of the Union Address. He cited that Saddam was trying to buy it from “Africa;” Saddam had been shopping for the nuclear fuel in three other nations on the continent.
Bush credited the intelligence – which the UK stands by on Niger to this day – to British intelligence. His statement was 100% true, and they never should have apologized for it. I’ve gotten along with Chris Matthews whenever I’ve been around him. He’s a funny guy. But on this he thinks he’s Woodward and Bernstein combined, as evidenced by his screaming at Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), his guest on Wednesday night.
Of course, it doesn’t matter who the guest is since Chris never lets him speak – unless it’s John McCain, who’s the guest every other night and twice on Fridays. Durbin said that “the credibility of the administration, the president, and the United States is at stake here” on whether Saddam was a threat. They’re so anxious to say Saddam never had WMDs, even though everyone from the UN to Bill Clinton knows he did. You guys better watch out, because we’re cataloguing Saddam’s WMDs in secret right now, and it’s going to make you look like fools when it’s released.

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