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The San Francisco Chronicle cites “statements such as one by Los Angeles Assemblyman Fabian Nunez that they may want to ‘precipitate a crisis’ over the budget this year. That might persuade voters to lower the two-thirds vote threshold needed to pass a spending plan, he reasoned. ‘It seems to me if there’s going to be a crisis, the crisis should be this year,’ Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg, D-Los Angeles, said during the meeting. ‘What you do is you show people that you can’t get to this without a 55% vote.’ The unintentional broadcast was interrupted when someone informed the group that a microphone was on. ‘Oh s–,’ Goldberg said as the sound was cut.”
As was the case in Nevada, the citizens of California voted to require a two-thirds majority in the legislature to take money out of their paychecks and food off their children’s tables. But as in Nevada where the state’s liberal supreme court voted to ignore the will of the people, the liberals in California huddled in a secret meeting to figure out how to create a fake crisis as an excuse to create more tax slaves. Once again, Democrats want to raise taxes to answer every and any crisis – they’re simply addicted to your money! They’ll do whatever damage they can to your state or the nation, for petty, political, personal reasons. Nothing is too underhanded or harsh when it comes to getting their grubby little hands on power, your votes and your money.

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