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Dennis Kucinich is next at 24%! Folks, it’s fascinating to see what’s happening within the Democratic Party. People will assume this is the mainstream of the Democratic Party participating in the MoveOn.org primary vote. This virtual primary, as it’s being called, is just more evidence of what I’ve told you for the longest time: The mainstream of the Democrat Party is now totally dominated by the far left-wing wackos and kooks. They are totally animated and governed by their seething hatred and rage for George W. Bush. A close second in things that animate them is their seething rage for this country in general. They are just angry people, and the candidates that fire them up the most on the basis of their anger are going to get their support. Howard Dean is at the top of the list.
At the beginning of this week, after Dean’s Meet the Press appearance and others, I began to come to the realization that this guy could win the Democratic nomination. This MoveOn.org primary, and Dean’s win, whether deserved or not, will get a lot of attention.

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