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I never asked anyone to work to buy me things. I don’t want to create more and more dependent people, or push this idea that certain people owe other people gifts. I never said seniors should pay for their own drugs, but what’s wrong with the ones who can afford their drugs buying them? Don’t we have an obligation to support ourselves? Let me ask you this: if you need something, do you walk up and down your street asking your neighbors to buy it? No! Yet you pass a law to force the government to take money out of your neighbors’ wallets – and then never say, “Thank you.” We spend billions and billions on health care programs – on Medicare and Medicaid and WIC and on and on.
Nor does our charity stop at the water’s edge. Bush is giving $15 billion of our money to treat AIDS in Africa. We’ve been feeding the North Korean people even as their government spends money on building nukes. We attract millions of illegal immigrants and legal ones with our largess. The idea that Medicare will go bankrupt is another scare tactic. We’re never, ever going to let seniors die in the streets – despite what Democrats warn about letting Republicans in power. People simply ask, “Is it right to force the working poor and middle class to buy drugs for millionaires?” For suggesting this means-testing, you’re called heartless. Sorry, I can’t be warm and fuzzy on such tripe.
These people never reach into their pockets to help people buy medicine, but are quite happy to reach deep into yours – and then claim that they’re the compassionate ones! I’m told that the White House is going along with this to “expand the party’s base.” Tell me something. Once you win, aren’t you going to worry about maintaining that majority? Tell me you won’t say that the only way we can hold onto a GOP majority is to keep giving the big government spenders what they want again. Tell me we won’t have more Americans working more hours as slaves to the government – all for a system that’s neither compassionate nor helpful to the needy. Parties don’t matter, folks. Ideas and helping those truly in need do.

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