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But, I asked, what does Iraq export to the world that anybody wants? What’s the Iraqi automobile, for example? Where do you go buy an Iraqi car? You don’t. Anyway, there was a general panic. How could we have let this happen? Why, the annals of the first-ever recorded human civilization are gone, all because of the U.S. military invasion.

Well, guess what? It never happened! The Washington Post says that U.S. officials have estimated the actual number of exhibition-quality artifacts that are gone at 47. Donnie George, director general of research and study of the Iraqi state board of antiquities disputes the number. He said there are only 33 pieces from the main collections that are unaccounted for, not 47. Some more pieces have been returned. Museum staff members had taken some of the more valuable items home and are now returning them.
Reuters says that the museum will reopen next month. Its headline reads, “Iraq museum to reopen displaying lost treasure.” There was no lost treasure! The whole story was amplified and ballooned way out of proportion by the media and the liberals. The stuff was never really stolen. Well, this leads to the weapons of mass destruction discussion Journalists love irony, and if they think they can put irony in a story, they think they’ve hit a home run in terms of journalism standards. They ran with the museum story, and it turned out to be bogus, and the same thing is happening now with WMD.

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