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There will be no big reason to have a Democratic Party, because they’ll have lost their chief reasons for existence. I myself have told you that if the cards break right, Republicans could pick up six or seven Senate seats in 2004. This realignment has happened in the abortion debate, with that Newsweek cover story showing the extreme abortion-on-demand position shrinking to a tiny minority. Even single-issue pro-choicers have seen that, after 10 years of GOP control in Congress, abortion is still legal. The fear mongering predictions that Republicans would impregnate women against their will and force them to carry babies to term hasn’t materialized.
So-called affirmative action is another issue that the left and their willing accomplices in the pre-EIB media claimed 99.9% support on – but it’s now been proven that dressing up racial discrimination with the double-A term hasn’t made it right. Reuters: “Americans want universities to be more racially diverse but they oppose favoring minorities for admission based on their race alone, a survey showed on Monday. The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion poll found that 85% of those polled think college students at diverse universities are better prepared to live and work in society. But 80% of respondents opposed using race as a factor in college admissions.”
Do you realize what this does to People for the American Way, Al Sharpton, the Reverend Jackson and others who make their livings of fanning racially divisive policies like this? Marist President Dennis Murray says, “The American public is somewhat conflicted on this issue.” How is 80% “conflicted”? A full 60% of African-Americans surveyed opposed race-based admissions, as did 76% of Latinos and 83% of “whites.” This undermines the liberal position that everything should be based on race, and destroys their condescending, insulting attitude that people of color can’t compete in life without some kind of special treatment. We’re winning hearts and minds, folks – and the left is freaking out.

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