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We do what the mainstream press used to do, and America’s natural hunger for real news instead of spin has led them to come our way. It has led to the success of Fox News Channel and print media that report all the news. These are the same people who scoffed at the idea of a liberal media bias prior to EIB, or if they admitted it simply sneered, “Well, then turn off the channel.” But now that Murdoch (who supported Algore in 2000) owns a piddly 2.8% of the market, those same people are demanding the government step in and make a law abridging his right to give the people what they want.
On CNBC, Chairman Powell called this paranoid ad “entertaining,” and the idea that the FCC regulates for individuals or single companies “particularly outrageous.” He also challenged those who claim to want “diversity” in the media on trying to snuff out a network which, even if the critics are right, simply gives air to a certain point of view. Why, liberals are even citing the NRA lining up with them on this! After Powell’s interview with Lou Dobbs on CNN, we applauded the chairman for defending this attack on popularity.
On CNBC, Powell questioned the value his agency has, if all it does is buckle to pressure from interest groups and act like “Congress-lite.” What’s the point of the “independent” FCC if all it’s going to do is buckle rather than keep its charter mission in mind? Powell makes a good point, namely that a few special interest groups are whining about this and claiming to speak for millions. The American people aren’t asking for change. Folks, it’s not my fault I’m dominant on radio. I didn’t set out in this business to land in the middle – and nobody who succeeds in their chosen field does. It’s content, content, content that determines what people choose to enjoy; the owners just don’t matter.

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