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Don’t get mad about “overconfidence.” The imploding Democrats face a ’72- or ’84-scale whipping, with huge coattails and voter turnout. Donald Lambro’s column nails this. Old guard Dems like Bob Strauss will admit this if you pour ’em a few Jack Daniel’s. Al From of the “centrist” Democrat Leadership Council stated “our national party has seriously regressed,” and party members ripped him a new Clymer! Clinton – who never won over 50% of the vote – merely interrupted the slip into quicksand begun in ’80, ’84. Iowa’s Democrat governor picks Dick Gephardt to win the state caucus. Now, in any field of guys where Gephardt is the front-runner…
Democrats can’t adjust to this new reality, or to being out of power – which is why so many of them resigned after 1994’s GOP landslide. You lose power for a reason, and have to honestly look for that reason to get it back. “Our message didn’t get out!” No, it got out perfectly: the Democratic Party is an uneasy confederation of these extreme, left-wing groups which the DLC criticized! Why, Dems shun Lieberman because he’s for fighting terrorism! Pollster John Zogby sees this negative, weak approach as a loser. So does Clinton Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, Algore campaign head Donna Brazile, and TIME when it reports that “soccer moms” are now “security moms.”

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