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The Democrats realize they’re losing this battle, and they’re losing it in the free market. It is the free market where these free exchanges of ideas take place. They have to be able to control the free market to make sure their message gets out. Otherwise their message won’t get out, because people aren’t interested in their message. Their only hope is to force it on you.
They want the FCC to exert more power and deny this merger, even if that means setting themselves up in opposition to the success of Hispanic businessmen. They’re putting their own desperate attempt to preserve political power first again, here, just as they’ve done on the judicial nomination of Miguel Estrada.

<*ICON*>Classic Examples of Liberal Anti-Hispanic Bigotry…
<a href=”/home/folder/03_27_02.member.html”>(eStack: Hasta La Vista, Speedy Gonzalez)</a>

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