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The richest man in the Senate, John F. Kerry-Heinz; Moaner Joe Lieberman; Florida Senator Bob Graham; Vermont Governor Howard Dean; millionaire trial lawyer John Edwards; Plagiarist Joe Biden; Retired General Wesley Clark; Whiner Tom Daschle who only weeks ago was considering retiring ? and the other half of the infamous Ted Kennedy waitress sandwich who has followed the swimmer’s lead and got hitched: Chris Dodd.
The only person we’re missing is Senator Patty Murray running on the pro-Osama bin Laden family planning and infrastructure schools and roads platform. Can you believe all the hubbub over Lott, but there’s not a peep over Murray’s idiotic statement that bin Laden has built schools and daycare centers? The media has an orgasm every time one of these guys announces, because to them the natural order of things is Democrats running the show. They can’t wait to get one of them back into the White House.
Yet surprisingly, the New York Times is reporting these Democrat announcements truthfully. I can’t help but wonder if the criticism of the Times as the DNC’s house organ hasn’t bugged them a bit. More likely, the people in the Old Gray Lady’s newsroom are protecting their own reputations by refusing to publish DNC faxes under their byline. Gore and Hillary may turn out to be the smart ones by not running. This is going to be a boring bunch ? except for Sharpton. Say what you will about him, but he’s not boring.

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