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Jerry Nachman asked the congresswoman why the Democrats are so hepped up about this instead of issues. Ms. Waters basically responded that they can ruin careers and work on legislation at the same time. It’s easy with this t-ball Lott served up. This is all playing out just exactly as we predicted on this program, but the double standard is what we should be fighting here.There’s more than enough of this BS to go around, yet supposedly conservative journalists are rolling over and accepting that we’re the party of segregation. I rolled John Fund appearing on Hardball with Chris Matthews, addressing Trent Lott leading an effort at Ole Miss to keep blacks out of the national fraternity. It’s unacceptable, yes. On Hardball, Fund mentions a fact EIB readers know well: Bob Byrd uses the N-word all the time.

Byrd was excused for this in 2001 after saying he was “tired.” (Maybe some nice soft sheets would help you sleep better?) None of the news stories carried the fact that Byrd was a paid recruiter and member of the KKK. Matthews told us that Tip O’Neil’s nickname for Byrd was “Sheets.” Republicans do not feel confident in taking this on and setting the record straight on race. We have the Adam Clymers and E J. Dionnes of the world failing to report that Strom was a Democrat when he stood for segregation. (See: Clymer Rips Lott, GOP New Clymer).

Examples of Democrat racism are endless. The Kennedy’s wiretapped Dr. King. Algore’s dad stood against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – 80% of House Republicans and only 61% of Democrats voted for it. In the Senate, 82% of the GOP and only 69% of Democrats did. I think Bill Clinton’s being silent on this because he recently paid tribute to J. William Fulbright. But the Democratic destruction machine is revved up to 110% – and a lot of conservatives are joining it. If Lott stays, perhaps he’ll say someday, “They threw the best they got at us, and I’m still here.” What kind of effect would that have on the Dems?


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