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The truth is, the Republicans are mourning Wellstone’s death more than the Democrats. Where was the mourning when Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania died in a crash? You must remember this when Jesse Helms or Strom Thurmond passes away, and see if there’s this level of sadness. See if the Democrats stop campaigning, as they’re now demanding the Republicans do. Remember how they appointed Democrat Zell Miller to replace Paul Coverdell when he died suddenly?
The Democrats never stop campaigning. Daschle is going all over talking about winning this election for Wellstone. Jim Talent’s father passed away, for example, and the Widow Carnahan is taking the opportunity of Jim suspending his campaign to bash him. I’m not going to fall for this trap like the Republicans seem to have fallen for it to some extent. The Democrats are going to criticize them no matter what they do – which is why you should always what’s right.

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