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Those of us who thought that Clinton’s legacy would be corruption and sleaze were only half right. It’s going to be far worse. All those treaties, bilateral agreements and Rose Garden ceremonies were the actions of an appeaser that have seriously damaged our national security. I think Clinton just didn’t want to face problems. He didn’t want to do anything to stop his supposedly roaring economy, so he presided over a “nothing” administration.
When Bill Clinton ran in 1992 on the themes “putting people first” and “it’s the economy stupid,” hammering George H.W. Bush for spending too much time in foreign policy, I said, “You wait. When the history of this guy is written, his reputation and legacy are going to be done in by foreign policy snafus and nightmares because he was openly disdainful of it.” He’s a masterful spinner, so he blames the current administration for all the problems he left us. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is his legacy, or that we confronted the North Koreans with evidence that they’d built nukes and forced them to admit it.
The bottom line is, before Clinton came to office, Pakistan and India did not have nuclear weapons. Now they do. Before he came to office, Red China was unable to target American cities with nuclear warheads. Now they can. Before he came to office, North Korea did not have nuclear weapons. Now they do. And while he was in office, he did nothing to stop Iraq from its nuclear weapons development.

Saddam Exports Food While His People Starve!
<a target=new href=”http://www.washingtoninstitute.org/media/rubin/MR-NR7-01.htm”>(The Washington Institute: Sulaymaniyah Dispatch -Michael Rubin)</a>

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