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Singer, who supported Clinton during impeachment, wrote “Navigating the Ethics of Globalization.” I want you to listen to how sick this is, while remembering that this is liberal academic thinking at its best: “Consider two aspects of globalization. First: planes exploding as they slam into the World Trade Center. Second: the emission of carbon dioxide from the exhaust of gas-guzzling SUVs. One brought instant death, left unforgettable images that were watched on television screens all over the world.
“The other makes a contribution to climate change that can be detected only by scientific instruments. Yet both – planes flying into the World Trade Center and the emissions of SUVs – are indications of the way in which we are now one world, and the more subtle changes to which SUV owners unintentionally contribute will almost certainly kill far more people than the more visible aspect of globalization and planes flying into the World Trade Center.”

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