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In the eighties, Taylor had a twice-weekly segment on a Denver television station, and the clip shown in an ad run by Democrats shows Taylor applying lotions to the face of a man sitting in the barber chair with Taylor discussing techniques. The ad shows Taylor wearing a tight-fitting three-piece suit with a big-collared open shirt like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Taylor’s top two or three shirt buttons are unbuttoned, exposing some bare chest and a number of gold chains. The Democrats out there are using this footage in an ad to insinuate that Taylor is gay – and it has driven him from the race!
The ad in question was placed by the Democratic Party in Montana and it has a big gay rights group up in arms. Now folks, isn’t the Democratic Party the party of tolerance and openness? Is it not the Republicans who are homophobic and prejudiced? That’s what we’re always told, but it’s not true. Here are the Democrats using an attack ad to imply that a man is gay. How desperate are you guys? Now, you’re gay bashing? It’s outrageous.

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