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He went on to say that when UN Secretary-Generals were “white” (and gave the example of Egyptian Boutros Boutros-Gali), we never had the question of any country ignoring the United Nations, but now that we have the black Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, “certain countries that believe in white supremacy are ignoring the United Nations.” I wonder what country he could be thinking about?

To Mandela, Arabs are people of color ? except, apparently, for Boutros. The Israelis, who are Semitic peoples, are white, but the portion of the Muslim population that is also Semitic, are black. But Americans are all evil, white supremacist Caucasians. We’re ethnically cleansing the Middle East.
That’s what Mandela said, without even having the guts to name the country he’s talking about. This is another thing he has in common with liberal Democrats here, who don’t have the courage to take a position on where they stand on the war. Again, I love the old Mandela. I loved it when he came here in his own version of the Pope Mobile.
NM drove around the outfield wall at Yankee Stadium on the watch of Mayor for Life, General Dinkins. He loved us then when we were ending apartheid and lavishing cash on him, but now we are a bunch of white racists who hate people of color. Of course, if we left the people of Iraq under the command of a brutal dictator, it would be because we didn’t care how much non-white people suffered. We can’t win, Nelson!

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