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Fleischer then read this “totally innocuous” quote by Vice President Cheney: “President Bush and I are very grateful for the opportunity to serve our country. We thank you for your support, not just for our efforts, but for candidates like Adam Taff, who will make a fine partner for us in the work ahead.” I read this quote to you on Wednesday, and I couldn’t believe that this was the one that made Tom Daschle have a litter of kittens! It’s innocent rhetoric ? as Daschle himself was forced to admit.
Next, Ari showed Fournier how Daschle misquoted Bush. He read the president’s comments on the Senate and homeland security. No where in there does Bush mention Democrats. Fleischer said, “Make no mistake: (the president) feels very strong about the need for the Senate – the complete Senate, everybody in it, Democrat, Republicans, independents – to join together to protect our national security and to pass it. If it is not passed, it will have implications for our homeland security and that’s what the president feels very strongly about.”
I rolled you President Bush’s full quote on Thursday’s program. Listen to him and to Fleischer’s response to Ron Fournier’s two questions using the audio link below. The dirty little secret (it’s only a secret because the press doesn’t report it), is that the Senate is stalling everything: homeland security, prescription drugs, judges, etc. They’re doing so as part of Tom Daschle’s political strategery. He wants unfinished business, so he can blame Republicans for it ? knowing full well no story about the truth will ever appear in the mainstream press.

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