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Here is the question Katie Couric asked on Tuesday of an FBI special agent in Buffalo, in reference to the Al-Qaeda Democrats that were busted up there: “But what other than the fact that they trained at this camp do you all have as evidence in terms of their being terrorists or being a part of the a terrorist cell?” You could come up with any analogous question you want to prove the stupidity here. The evidence is that they trained at the camp!
Today’s winner of this award is a Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee, Solomon P. Ortiz of Texas, who asked this question of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld: “If we attack Iraq, are we going to begin to see suicide bombers within the United States because we don’t have the right intelligence?” This is even better than Katie’s question! Rumsfeld’s answer was basically, “Well, if you’re worried about a cause and effect, we already have the effect. It was 9-11.”

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