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AP’s September 12th story is titled: “Democratic Leaders Support Bush with Reservations.” Reuters’ September 12th story is titled: “U.S. Democrats Balk at Quick Vote on Iraq.” Now, in your mind remember Bush’s UN speech, and consider this AP headline from only 24-hours later on September 13th: “Democrats Praise Bush for U.N. Speech.” When I see this change, I know it’s because the Democrats have seen Bush wow them and they don’t want to be on the wrong side of this war.
Why, they’re even polling to find out what they should do next! (See: Democrats Polling on Their Iraq Position) A bunch of the Democrats who may run against Bush in 2004 “applauded with some reservations Bush’s ultimatum to the U.N.” Joe Lieberman, Joe Biden, and John Edwards have signed on big time. Biden called the speech “brilliant,” which probably means we should watch for him to plagiarize it.
Even Senator McCain is on board, with what amounts to another See I Told You So. He says that Congress had better act fast or everyone is going to be irrelevant when this liberation of Iraq happens. Congressional Democrats bought into this false template of Bush as an idiot frat boy, and they overplayed their hand by first demanding that he come to them for a vote on Iraq.
When he did, they were nailed. They had to say that they didn’t feel the need to move quickly. They are so blinded by their partisanship, dislike of Bush and their abject panic of being out of power. The thought that they might lose their illegitimate majority in the Senate keeps them tossing and turning all night.
Mark my words: before long, all of these timid, weak excuses for leaders will try to claim credit for the defeat of Saddam Hussein. After all, these people pretend they had some role in the collapse of the Soviet Union and winning the Cold War when, in fact, they opposed all the difficult decisions that led to those results. And of course, the biggest weasel of all is Tom Daschle. He is still holding the defense appropriations bill hostage to his political designs. These people are devoid of any ideas, and as such, all they can do is either go along or smear.

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