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I don’t care to understand why they did it. I’m not Susan Sontag in The New York Times. Since Al-Jerkzeera is playing this propaganda piece celebrating our pain, I think we ought to demand equal time. We ought to get some federal agency or group to put together a broadcast titled: “Live! A Broadcast From Paradise!” The EIB Network produced a prototype of this that you can hear in the audio link below.
We sent a reporter up to Paradise, and looked for the 9-11 hijackers led by Mohammed Atta. We couldn’t find any hijackers, and the 72 virgins were still virgins. Of course, they might not have been able to do anything with them. Maybe we could send Geraldo up there, and then when he leaves, have him tell would-be hijackers that the virgins in paradise are no longer virgins. Why not? We used to make fun of Hitler and Tojo and Hussein. It’s time to mock these idiots.

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