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It turns out that the Black Hawk Down situation was an Al-Qaeda operation, run in cahoots with the warlord there – Mohammed Farrah Aideed Sahib Skyhook. Bin Laden told Miller that Black Hawk Down was the turning point, and that the incident told Al-Qaeda we were weak-bellied and spineless, and could be had by a bunch of “skinnies” with rifles.
Just as the author of the book Black Hawk Down theorized, our quick, gutless exit out of there was a signal to terrorists around the world that we could be beaten. John Miller reported in 1998, “American intelligence agencies believe it was Bin Laden who dispatched his personal brigades with rocket launchers to shoot down U.S. helicopters…” and then rolled bin Laden’s response to the charge.
“Our people realize more than before that the American soldier is a paper tiger that run in defeat after a few blows. America forgot all about the hoopla and media propaganda, and left dragging their corpses and their shameful defeat.” -Osama bin Laden
Thank you, Bill Clinton. These are bin Laden’s own words. I’m amazed ABC is going to run it. Clinton’s name doesn’t come up, and he has tried to claim that it was George H. W. Bush’s fault ? though Clinton changed a humanitarian mission into one of “nation building” without adequately arming our men. That’s what led to the deaths of our men in Somalia – and if you doubt that, please don’t believe the Clinton spin. Read the book.

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