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Before, that stuff didn’t go up until the rest of the site is updated, but now every morning it will go up at 11:30 AM ET. So, those of you who are subscribers will have in your hands exactly what I have to do this program prior to broadcast excellence every morning. Of course, there are things that happen during the program that are not in the Total Stack of Stuff, and any stories that fall into that category will be added to the Total Stack when we update the whole site each evening.
We start working early in the morning on this stuff, folks, and with fax machines and digital connections, the stuff whirs back and forth from here to there. It is quite a feat. So, if you’re a Rush 24/7 member, you can have it all in your hands now when the show begins and you can try to follow along with the host. But I warn you – this radio stuff is much harder than it looks.

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