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I guess this is no surprise from a continent that did nothing in the face of Hitler and Stalin and Milosevic, or where respondents to a recent UK poll citing the death of Princess Diana as the most significant event in their history – not, say, World War Two. (So much for Winston Churchill‘s hope that, “If the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, ‘This was their finest hour.'”)
Before you worry about what the same people who appeased Hitler have to say, remember: If we’re hit again, and thousands of more Americans are murdered in cold blood, our countrymen aren’t going to ask what the view is at the UN or the European Union. Why do we have to put up with this BS that the Europeans think we’re partially responsible? They blame those who died in those buildings, the victims, for what happened.
If this happens again – based on what I’ve heard from the likes of congressional Democratic leaders and a gaggle of Republican weasels – we will know which political leaders failed their country miserably. We will hold members of Congress like Byrd, Daschle, Levin and Hagel just to name a few, and some former officials in the Clinton and Bush 41 teams, responsible for fighting Bush 43. You know, I’m waiting for a poll of the American people asking what we think about what the Europeans are doing to screw up their own countries. Instead, the State Department is conducting its two-day seminar on why we are hated this week.
These modern-day Chamberlains have tried to undermine Mr. Bush’s policies. They are being egged on by liberal commentators who act as if they don’t know why Saddam Hussein is a dangerous man. They have opposed this president for the purpose of getting callbacks from the very same commentators who will demand, “What did Bush know and when did he know it,” should a nuclear bomb go off. These terrorists live to kill. If members of Congress don’t understand this, they ought to be replaced. If foreign policy advisors to Bush 41 and Clinton didn’t understand this, they should never have served in high office in the first place.

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