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My friends, there’s no explaining love. When it?s the genuine thing, it just happens. It?s one of those emotions you really can’t define or control – only feel.

We had a caller on Thursday who?s looking for Mr. Right, both figuratively and literally, and wanted to know how to avoid meeting Mr. Left. Having just ended a relationship with a liberal, she was really worried about going down that road again, and wanted to know how to avoid that before even the first date. We?re not talking dinner and a movie here either – we?re talking that pre-date cup of Joe at the corner diner. This woman wasn?t messing around.
Based on her past relationship, I told her she shouldn?t worry about falling in love with someone that is diametrically opposed to her. As a result of the last experience, she?s probably more tuned in to what she?s looking for in a mate now, which she demonstrated in our conversation. There?s growth there, even if it came at the result of some heartache.

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