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Robert Novak’s column last week proved, using the Commerce Department’s revised numbers, that the economic books of the country were cooked in 1999 and 2000. Clinton-Gore lied about how much profit the government took in by almost one third so they could help Gore hold the White House. The Washington Times reports that Clinton-Gore claimed the economic growth rate on Election Day 2000 was 4.4%, but revised (read: truthful) numbers show it to have been less than 2.7% – and it fell to an abysmal 1.1% during the fourth quarter ? when the Democrats were screaming at Bush for talking about an economic slowdown.
A 1.1% growth rate around Election Day 2000 is key, because in the first three-quarters of 1992 it averaged 3.6%and rose to 5.4% during the fourth quarter that year. You’ll remember how the Clinton-Gore team bashed the Bush 41 economic record without us reminding you. The revisions to the supposedly record levels of corporate profits for 2000 are even more shocking. We now know pre-tax profits for non-financial domestic industries peaked in 1997.
Now, there’s no paper trail proving that Clinton-Gore guided this deception, but no one at the Commerce Department would do this on their own – and we think we know who might have. While Donna Brazile was in fact Gore’s campaign chair of the failed Algore 2000 campaign, the “honorary chairman” was Bill “Bugsy” Daley, Clinton-Gore’s Commerce Secretary! There’s a reason you put a vote-stealing, win-at-any-cost man without scruples at the head of a cabinet department. So Gore had to know what was going on.
These numbers will keep being revised to subtract Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, Adelphia, Global Crossing, etc., because those companies inflated profits in the last two years of Clinton-Gore. Now, if you tell the IRS you underestimate your income by 30%, and therefore you underpaid your taxes by 30%, you can’t get away with saying, “Whoops.” We shouldn’t let Clinton-Gore off the hook so easily either. They lied and overstated all their economic numbers. There was no Clinton boom, and whether they knew about the inflated numbers then or not, they know now, so it’s time to stop perpetuating the lie.

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