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The extremist environmentalist wackos will not let you people in Oregon and California and Colorado and Arizona clean out the underbrush that provides fuel to these fires, but loggers can do whatever they want in South Dakota – and it gets worse! No judge, group or citizen group can hold the loggers accountable; Daschle wrote in an exemption putting them above the law. It’s all in the Washington Times story linked below.
The Daschle hypocrite provision reads: “Due to extraordinary circumstances, timber activities will be exempt from the National Forest Management Act and the National Environmental Policy Act, and this provision is not subject to judicial review by any U.S. court.” Why did Daschle do this? The answer is found in the headline of a follow-up story, also from the Times, slugged: “Additional Waiver Helps a Colleague.” That’s right, folks. Daschle wants to help Tim Johnson (D-SD) win re-election in November, so he’s allowing the very kind of forest management that the wackos scream about elsewhere.
Where are the so-called environmentalists on this? Why, they’re running ads against Johnson’s GOP opponent Congressman John Thune – for supporting the very kind of forest management Tom Daschle just green lighted! As all you in the west look out your window and watch your homes, forests and fields go up in smoke, Tom Daschle says, “Burn, baby, burn.” You can’t lift an axe to a single tree to protect lives and property – not unless it will help hold a Senate seat for the Democrats in November.

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