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Democrats like the Kennedys are rolling in dough, yet they scream the loudest against other wealthy people! It’s all out of guilt. Rush pointed out that college kids are mind-numbed robots who go through a liberal indoctrination. They don’t start learning the truth in life or actually thinking until their late 30s – if ever.
Prior to that awakening, those things they tell you in public arise because they think that’s what they are supposed to say, think or feel,. But when you look at the way they live, you see they have values. Our brand of conservatism – Reaganism – has always been fighting for dominance. That’s why we don’t praise the Republican Party as our entity. It’s always been a bunch of blue blood country clubbers who would rather keep their nose up and apologize.
When we’re winning, these country clubbers don’t mind us being around, but the moment they think we’re tarnishing them, then it’s “You don’t quite smell right.” Those are the people, like the so-called neoconservatives in the Beltway, who want to be liked by libs. They’re the ones who criticize their fellow Republicans, because that’s when the PMSNBC bookers call.
But you can’t get along with liberals, because the hallmark of liberalism isn’t any one issue. What animates liberalism is the appearance of opposing authority – which means “parents” to students. That’s the whole answer – which you can hear in detail in the audio links below. Yes, if you see a liberal, you’re seeing someone who hates one or both of their parents. Count on it.

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