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During his daily press briefing Wednesday morning, Gephardt told a reporter that every time he returns to his district in St. Louis, people come up to him and say, “Where’s the prescription drug bill?” Now folks, people just don’t do that. But then he takes it one step further by making it personal and getting his mother involved. El Loco claims that his own mother is on his case about paying for her prescription drugs, and that it’s getting harder to foot the bill.
When I read the transcript from the press briefing I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to listen to it for myself (and you can too in the link below) because I couldn’t imagine Gephardt was actually admitting to being a tightwad. And I can’t believe his mother isn’t getting drugs because there’s no federal legislation. Would you sit around and wait for the U.S. Congress to pass a law before you went out and handled your own mother’s prescription drug needs? It’s unbelievable. Dick, call a lobbyist for a drug company and get some samples if it’s as bad as you claim.

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