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This is so simple it’s hard to believe. Global warming, and environmentalism in general, is just the vehicle liberals are driving to advance their overall agenda, which is anti-capitalism, and big-government socialism. That’s all it is, and they’re relying on the fact that they can scare people into agreeing with them. It’s about nothing more than that.
The president made a famous speech not too long ago in Germany. And after the speech he met with some government people from around the region in Europe, and a number of them were greens and wacko environmentalists. Well, one of these green guys ran up to Bush and shouted, “Kyoto!” And Bush said, “Not signing it.” The guy shouted again, “Kyoto!” And Bush repeated again, “Not signing it.” Then the green guy asked why, and the president simply said, “I’m not in the business of purposely damaging my country’s economy, because if we hurt my country we hurt the rest of the world, too. I’m not signing it.”
And folks, I think we’re fortunate that our president is standing tough on this. The Kyoto treaty has been a bad deal from the moment it first came up. And there’s another way you ought to be looking at this too, which I explain to a couple of callers in the links below.

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