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Let me ask you another question. How did you react when you finally figured out that they were blaming you for the corruption in election campaigns? And don’t say, “They weren’t blaming me, Rush, they were blaming the special interests, all those big money people, like the NRA.” No, that’s wrong – the NRA are individuals just like you, giving 25 bucks each. You resented the accusation that you corrupted politics, right? You know you did. You know that you’re not the reason that political campaigns are corrupt. Your contributions, in whatever amount, are not the reason for corruption in politics, yet that’s what they said.
Well, why, by the same token, when you are blamed for global warming, do you accept it? If you’re one of the people who believe that you’re causing it, why do you automatically accept this? What are you actually doing that’s causing this? The willingness that people have to believe this is one of the things that the left is using to advance the whole notion. This is something that you have to fight, folks. You’re not responsible for global warming.
Global warming may be good, for all we know. It may be entirely natural. There may be cycles. In fact, we know there are, because there have been ice ages, and there have been periods of time where it has been much warmer than this, globally. But to say that the way you are living your life is responsible for climate change is just as insane as saying you’re the reason that there’s corruption in campaigns. Don’t accept it.

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