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The Kyoto treaty is just another element of advancing the agenda against capitalism. The United States is the focus of capitalism in the world. We lead the world in capitalist activity, and we’re the largest capitalist economy in the world. We are 40% of the world’s economy. Kyoto attacks us as the primary reason that there is global warming and other environmental problems. That’s why President Bush is not going to sign it. It’s clear that he doesn’t believe this notion that the United States is chiefly to blame for all of this, and has now made it clear that human activity is not the reason for global warming, and he’s not going to get wrapped up in that.
Japan, on Tuesday, ratified the Kyoto Protocol. They said they would urge other countries, including Russia and the U.S., to do the same thing. The prime minister said, “The Kyoto treaty is an important international step towards tackling climate change. I very much hope that other countries will join as soon as possible.”

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