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Derbyshire makes a great point: When is the last time you went in a closet, picked up an item and saw the words “Made in Syria” on it? Never. The same goes for Made in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq or anywhere in the Mid East. You won’t see it – unless you have a stray bomb hanging around. Derbyshire’s point is that no matter how hard he tries to feel sorry for the Palestinians, he just can’t bring it off.
He chronicles a “regressive culture” in the Arab world that, in the last half century, hasn’t advanced an inch towards civilization, democracy, constitutionalism, market economics or anything else that would lift their people out of that depression we hear so much about. There’s no room to feel sorry, he says, and then asks why we want to give the Palestinians a state to run like the other Arab nations. At best, they’re Egypt and Jordan, and mostly are gangster regimes like those of Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc.
Derbyshire says that it’s obvious what’s wrong: no matter where you go in the Arab world outside of Saudi Arabia, you see people with nothing to do because there’s no economy for them to engage in, because their leaders are nothing more than thugs, criminals and gangsters who run these countries for their own personal gain. This article really rings true. It’s fascinating and you should read it.

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