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If Democrats are going to say that only they can be trusted to administer this program, there’s only one logical conclusion: Democrats are to blame for poisoning our kids. But bureaucrats always exempt themselves from responsibility for failure. They shake their heads as if we’re dumb children and say, “You can’t look for results. You have to look at our intentions! We were under-funded!”
Too many people have come to believe that the federal government can do no wrong – and I’m sick of it. In fact, Dr. Walter E. Williams, semi-guest host on the EIB Network and professor of economics at George Mason University, has written a column that makes a fantastic connection between the misdeeds at Enron and the way the government plays with your Social Security money.
For example, Enron took loans and counted them as income. Liberals in Washington take loans from Social Security and count that as income too. The comparisons go on and on, which leads to the obvious question: if we want to put Enron executives in jail for squandering their employees’ retirement money, shouldn’t someone in the federal government go to jail for squandering the American peoples’ retirement cash?

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