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All of the average worker’s earnings for the first 116 days pay taxes to the federal, state, and local governments – four days less than at the end of the Clinton administration. Taxes take 32% of a worker’s gross income – an average of 22% federal and 10% state and local. Is there any percentage of a person’s wages that’s enough for the government?
When you learn that Tax Freedom Day arrived as early as January 30th in the years following 1913, you see why it’s right to say that our taxes are immorally high. It’s appalling that more people are not alarmed by it, choosing instead to look at how much they pay for taxes in Europe and feel guilty.
“It’s just not right that we are 5% of the world’s population and we use 25% of the resources.” Don’t fall for that. We feed, clothe and defend the world. The government doesn’t earn a dime of its own money, but if you dare say you can’t afford to feed it, you’re evil and mean and selfish. It’s something you need to point out the next time you hear some Democrat yap about “fairness.”

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