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Norah Vincent’s column in Friday’s Los Angeles Times illustrates the cultural differences between Middle East and West on “terror.” The column is titled “Real Men Don’t Blow Up Innocents.” It exposes the differences between the masculinity much maligned in Western men pre-Sept. 11th and the cowardly machismo of Mideastern cultures.
This column dovetails with President Bush’s five-hour meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, where we read the Saudi would “warn” the president – but that the kingdom wouldn’t use oil as a weapon.
Of course, they cannot stop selling us oil, because we’re the major buyer – and 90% of what they sell. With that said, keep your eye on the growing relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran, who joined to give us the 70’s oil embargo. After falling apart in recent years, they’re starting to get chummy again. As I’ve told you before, the Arab and Muslim nations hate each other – but they unite over their greater hatred for Israel.
This is one more reason we need quiet in Israel – so we can go into Iraq. The Saudis don’t like Hussein any more than we do, but they live next-door to him. That’s why President Bush is trying to hold back House Republican plans to increase Israeli financial aid to show support for their fight against terrorism. That’s why Secretary of State Colin Powell has urged congressional leaders to postpone a vote on a resolution expressing solidarity with Israel. Iraq, folks. Never forget it.

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