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Someone at the tour told me, “You know, Rush, more oil seeps from the ocean floor into the ocean every day than all oil spills combined in the world.” I said, “What?” He said, “Yeah, there are fissures in the ocean floor. There’s so much oil down there that it cracks out and bubbles up. Getting to it is going to be a problem, but in the coming years we’ll develop the technology.”
The briny deep eats up this oil. There are organisms that actually live on it! There’s a story in Wednesday’s Long Island Newsday about exactly this phenomenon. Marine geologist Harry Roberts of Louisiana State University told Newsday that natural seepage in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere “far exceeds anything that gets spilled” by oil tankers, etc.
So when you read one of these lie-filled columns spouting clich?s like “we can’t drill our way to oil independence” or “we only have 24 years of oil left” or “we’re 5% of the world’s population, and we use 26% of the world’s resources” cap the misinformation gusher.
You know the truth. These people aren’t for the earth or the environment – they’re anti-capitalists masquerading as environmentalists. This is proven by the fact that they only attack the U.S., which explores for energy in a more “earth-friendly” manner than any other nation.

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