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This is a technique stolen from the Contract with America. It would be one thing if Democrats had values and ideas, but they have neither! Their only ideas are that same old playbook. I’ve told you before: the Democrats only have one playbook, and they only have one play in that playbook. On Tuesday, I played audio of how locked in the past with this technique of pedantically turning the letters “GOP” into various evil anagrams.
This idea is as stale as the bread of a week-old sandwich, but that didn’t stop Congressman Edward Markey from saying the letters GOP stood for “Gang of Polluters” on Monday night’s Crossfire. Listen to Markey deliver this line as if he thought of the technique, and then listen to various clips of Democrats saying GOP stood for this or that over the years. These people are on the run, folks. Even Big Labor is against them on issues like so-called campaign finance reform and drilling in ANWR. They’re desperate, and they’re striking out blindly for a lie that will work.

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