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There’s no critical coverage of synagogues and Jewish cemeteries being burned across Europe, or of their protests. Just compare the worry over hate crimes against Muslims on September 12th with the total silence over actual anti-Semitism in France (360 crimes against Jews so far this month) and on left-wing college campi.
It’s as if Marshall Petain is back in power and stirring up anti-Jewish hatred to please Hitler. On Monday, I read extensively from a Mick Hume column in the UK Times. The guy is historically a Palestinian sympathizer, but he writes about this phenomenon of piling on Israel – and blames it on a loss of western conviction.
There’s a reason we see the same gay rights radicals, environmental extremists and anti-capitalists rally to the terrorist cause. These people all share a hatred for America and the western way of life – or they’ve fallen for the oft-heard whine, “The Israelis are using the tanks and the Palestinians are using rocks. That’s unfair.”
Just look at how afraid people are to say that there was a “massacre” in Jenin, a myth nuked by John Podhoretz in his Sunday New York Post column. It’s fashionable to express this anti-Semitism on the left today. It’s as if all those cries of “Never Again!” I heard as a child are going sadly unheeded.

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