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The Senate rejected oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on Thursday, which means hope for energy independence is down the tubes. And guess who wins with this vote folks? Saddam Hussein. We went back to last week’s archives to remind people what Rush said about ANWR – and it may surprise you.
When it comes to energy, oil and gasoline, our enemies are not Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates or anyone over there that produces oil. Our enemies are Tom Daschle, Dick Gephardt, John F. Kerry, and the liberal Democrats in this country, including the environmentalist wackos who vote for them.
Someone put it well when they said that if it could be proved that drilling in ANWR would end the fear of global warming, save the rain forest, and find the cure for AIDS, the liberal Democrats would still be against it. But you just wait and keep that in mind when gasoline prices go up, they’re going to be pointing the finger of blame at anyone and everything but themselves. The oil companies will be blamed. The Mideast will be blamed. Capitalism as an institution will be blamed. But none of those actually responsible for imposing this reckless policy will be blamed.
Ann Coulter wrote an interesting piece in Frontpage about ANWR, and the last line says it all: If only caribou voted instead of Democrats, the country would finally have a serious energy policy. You can hear Rush read the column in the link below, and demonstrate just how loyal the Democrats have to be to the environmentalists, as well as why the vote against U.S. energy independence is only going to come back and bite everyone in the gas tank.

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